Lewatit® VP OC 1074 is a food grade, macroporous, strongly basic (type I) anion exchange resin based an a crosslinked polyacrylate. lt is bead-shaped and has a special bead size distribution for a use in the following processes:

  • Lewatit® WS system (fluidized bed)
  • Lewatit® VWS system (compound fluidized bed)
  • Standard co current regenerated system

On account of its excellent mechanical stability, very good chemical stability and its osmotic properties, in the chloride form Lewatit® VP OC 1074 is suitable for the decolorisation of:

  • juices from sugar production, especially cane sugar
  • solutions of organic products, e. g. glycerin, amino acids

The macroporous structure and balanced resin matrix of Lewatit® VP OC 1074 facilitate the kinetics of adsorption and desorption. Substances adsorbed, e. g. high-molecular hydrophilic anionic organic substances and colorants from sugar solutions, can be desorbed easily by regeneration with a neutral or alkaline sodium chloride solution.

Lewatit® VP OC 1074 is therefore highly recommended for use wherever complete and rapid removal of a relatively high concentration of organic substances is required. Use in combination with other Lewatit® adsorber resins such as Lewatit® S 6328 A or Lewatit® S 6368 SULFATE allows simultaneous fine polishing.

Product Group: Anionic
  • Decolourization
  • Food industry
  • Sugar industry

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