Bayoxide® E 216 is a technical iron oxide adsorber in granular form. The product is based on a defined crystalline α-Ferric oxide hydroxide structure and has been developed specifically for the removal of arsenic and other ions from potable water. It is applied in a simple passive continuous pump-and-treat system for selective removal treatment of contaminated water.

Due to its particularly high surface area and adsorption capacity it selectively and safely adsorbs arsenic below the level of 10 µg/L. Relative to conventional adsorber media Bayoxide® E 216 allows significant longer operating times based on its advanced capacity. Bayoxide® E 216 has a much smaller particle size compared to Bayoxide® E 33, therefore the pressure loss in a filter bed will be higher and should be considered for the dimensioning of the filter.

Bayoxide® E 216 is suitable for use in following applications:

  • Arsenic removal from potable water in which both, arsenate As(V) as well as arsenite As(III) are safely adsorbed below 5 μg/L.
  • Phosphate removal from aquarium water
  • Phosphate removal from surface water, such as ponds, lakes, pools
  • Antimony, vanadium, and selenium removal from potable water
  • Heavy metal removal from potable water, e.g., copper, lead, nickel, and zinc
  • Adsorbing agents
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical Industry
  • Fine Purification/Polishing
  • Food industry
  • Metal industry
  • Mining
  • Municipal water
  • Potable water treatment
  • Purification
  • Purification in the foodstuff-industry
  • Removal
  • Waste water treatment
  • Water Treatment
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