Lewatit® FO 36 is a macroporous, monodisperse, polystyrene-based resin for the selective adsorption of oxoanions, such as arsenate or arsenite ions. lt is a weakly basic ion exchange resin which is doped with a nano-scaled film of iron oxide covering the inner surfaces of the pores of the polymer bead. Oxoanions are bound by a specific, reversible reaction involving hydroxide groups on the iron oxide surface. Other anions such as S042-, NO3-, Cl-, HCO3- have a neglectable influence on arsenic adsorption. The best pH for operation is pH = 6.

Lewatit® FO 36 is especially suitable for use in the following applications:

  • removal of arsenic (As) from potable water safely below 10 micrograms per liter
  • removal of arsenic from ground water and waste water
  • removal of arsenic from process solutions, even in presence of high concentrations of neutral salts (e.g. > 10% NaCI and Na2SO4)
  • removal of phosphate from ground water, potable water and waste water (e.g. ortho-phosphate, polyphosphate)

Besides of arsenic containing oxoanions such as arsenate and arsenite Lewatit® FO 36 is capable of selectively adsorbing other species like HP042-, HS103-, HSb042-, HVO42-, SCN- etc. Also it has to be considered that the weakly basic anion exchange group in the resin is still active and can react in the specific way basically known for this kind of functional group. Hence Lewatit® FO 36 can also bind natural organic matter such as tannins, lignins, negatively charged uranium complexes, chromate and others.

Advantages of polymer resin based ironoxide doped adsorbers compared to standard inorganic adsorbents are:

  • full regenerability (technical recommendation for regeneration and conditioning available upon request)
  • high operating capacity
  • no bleeding of fine iron oxide particles
  • high mechanical strength, enabling easy backwash or pump in suspension
  • no blocking of the resin bed due to build up of fines
  • fast kinetics due to large surface area and optimized pore structure

Potable water approval certifications are country specific and available as manufacturer's declaration upon request.

In case Lewatit® FO 36 is used for potable water treatment a special start-up procedure has to be applied. This information is available upon request.

Product Group: Anionic
  • Metal industry
  • Potable water treatment
  • Removal
  • Softening of potable water
  • Water Treatment

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