LEWATIT® UltraPure 1221 MD

For the demineralization of water in the production of ultra pure water (UPW).

Lewatit® UltraPure 1221 MD is a highly crosslinked, macroporous, strongly acidic cation exchange resin (SAC) with a monodispersed bead size distribution (uniform particles) based an a styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer for the use in WS/VWS systems for the production of ultra pure water.

The monodisperse beads (uniformity coefficient: max. 1.1) are chemically and osmotically highly stable. The optimized kinetics lead to an increased operating capacity, and the very low content of fines also results in a low pressure drop compared to ion exchange resins with heterodisperse bead size distribution.

For the production of ultra pure water, leaching of organics from Lewatit® UltraPure 1221 MD into the treated water is reduced to a level less than 50 ppb. Hence, Lewatit® UltraPure 1221 MD is specially recommended for the demineralization of water to generate ultra pure quality.

Product Group: Cationic
  • Demineralization of UltraPure Water
  • Electronics Industry
  • Industrial water
  • Pharmaceutical industry / Biotechnology
  • Raw water
  • UltraPure Water
  • Water Treatment

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