Food & Beverages

Lewatit® ion exchange resins for the food and beverage industry


Whether white crystalline sugar with unadulterated sweetness or demineralized and debittered fruit juices free of unwanted acids or colorants, we have ion exchange resins to thank for these food items on store shelves. With its Lewatit® S range, LANXESS offers a special line of ion exchange resins for the food industry. Even the most complex separation processes can be carried out with their help. The resins are certified in many countries worldwide for the processing of foods and drinking water; special product grades additionally are halal and kosher certified.

For example, the efficient purification of crystalline sugar and liquid sugar syrup, which are widely used in the food industry, would be virtually impossible without the macroporous Lewatit® grades. These resins remove salt ions from the raw solutions and adsorb the yellowish-brown substances that give raw sugar its natural color.

Furthermore, acidic ion exchange resins charged with hydrogen ions are excellent catalysts for the mild hydrolysis of oligo- and polysaccharides. The process results, for example, in a mixture of the monosaccharides glucose and fructose (inverted sugar), which is used as a syrup in industrial applications.

Ion exchange resins can also simply and efficiently remove unwanted ionic compounds, such as hardening elements or table salt, from gelatin, pectin, whey and hydrolyzates. Combinations of strongly acidic, gelled and weakly basic resins generally are used for this purpose.

Special monodisperse ion exchange resins from the Lewatit® MDS line support the chromatographic separation of sugar mixtures on an industrial scale. The corresponding plants usually operate according to the simulated moving bed principle.