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Europe, Middle East, Africa
Contact Name Function
Alemany, Jaime Sales Manager Spain and Portugal
Andersson, Stefan Agent for LANXESS in Nordic Countries
Atalay, Burcu Sales Manager Turkey
Beránková, Jana Sales Manager Czech Republic and Slovakia
Bhavaraju, Rajeev Sales Manager Australia and New Zealand
Dinges, Björn Sales Manager USA & Canada for food applications
Dreiner, Marco Sales Manager Germany (North)
Estevez, Santiago Agent for LANXESS in Peru
Fatula, Phil Sales Manager USA & Canada for process specialities
Goossens, Bart Sales Manager BeNeLux
Kerecki, Jovan Sales Manager Southeast Europe
Kim, Dohyung Sales Manager South Korea
Kojucharov, Kiril Agent for LANXESS in Bulgaria
Kotze, Marthie Sales Manager Southern and Central Africa
Libert, Simon Sales Manager France
Marchesi, Giorgio Head of Sales Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Mir, Firuza Head of Sales Americas (AMS) and Asia-Pacific (APAC)
Munoz, Paula Agent for LANXESS in Ecuador
Murakami, Naohiro Head of Sales Japan
Ohmori, Kazuto Sales Manager Japan