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Europe, Middle East, Africa
Contact Name Function
Oke, Kedar Sales Manager Indian Subcontinent
Pinheiro, Ricardo Sales Manager Mercosur
Pinilla, Juan Carlos Sales Manager México & Central America
Raab, Petra Sales Manager Switzerland, UK & Ireland
Schaberger, Heinz Sales Manager Germany (South) and Austria
Seah, Mark Sales Manager Southeast Asia
Shanmugam, Prakash Head of Sales Indian Subcontinent
Shilov, Sergey Head of Sales in CIS region
Shuler, Marc Sales Manager USA & Canada for membranes
Simon, Gerhard Head of Sales Western Europe
Somaini, Rodolfo Cesar Agent for LANXESS in Argentina
Tamaki, Dwight Sales Manager USA & Canada for water applications
Tang, Shuo Sales Manager Greater China
Toth, Tamas Agent for LANXESS in Hungary
Villate, Heidy Johanna Agent for LANXESS in Colombia and Venezuela
Warachim, Lukasz Head of Sales Central Europe