LEWATIT® MonoPlus M500 MB

Lewatit® MonoPlus M 500 MB is s strongly basic, gelular anion exchange resin with beads of uniform size (monodisperse) based an a styrene-divenylbenzene copolymer. Due to the monodisperse bead size distribution (uniformity coefficient max. 1.1) and a special manufacturing process this resin type is tailor-made for mixed bed application in make-up water systems. The special crosslink rate leads to a very high regeneration efficiency paired with a reduced rinse water demand.

Lewatit® MonoPlus M 500 MB is especially applicable for:

  • mixed bed application in combination with Lewatit® MonoPlus S 108 H

Lewatit® MonoPlus M 500 MB is adding special features to the resin bed:

  • a special bead size distribution ensuring a perfect separation of resin components without crosscontamination
  • a good utilization of the total capacity
  • a low rinse water demand
  • homogenous throughput of regenerants, water and solutions; therefore a homogenous working zone
  • sharply contrasting colours
Product Group: Anionic
  • Chemical Industry
  • Demineralization
  • Desalination
  • Energy
  • Exchange
  • Industrial water
  • Power generation
  • Raw water
  • Water Treatment

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