Lewatit® VP OC 1026 is a macroporous resin based an a styrene-divinylbenzol copolymer containing di-2-ethylhexyl phosphate (D2EHPA). This extracting agent is already included directly during the polymerization, which leads to a high concentration of the active ingredient. In addition, a loss of extractant during operation is minimized (as long as the pH of the process solution as well as rinse water ist kept below pH 4).

Cations are adsorbed by Lewatit® VP OC 1026 in the following order:

Ti4. > Fe3+ > In3. > Sn2,4+ > Sb3' > Bi 3' > V02" > Be2" > Al3" > Zn2" > Pb2" > Cd2" > Ca2" > M n2" > CIF" > Fez" > CO2" > Ni2" > Mg2" > Cr+ > > Alkali

Fields of application:

lt can generally be assumed that Lewatit® VP OC 1026 those components receives from aqueous solutions, which can be removed by means of the liquid extractant D2EHPA from sulfur and hydrochloric acid solutions as a function of pH, e.g.:

  • Divalent ions of zinc, uranium (UO2-), vanadium (VO-)
  • Trivalent ions of lathanides, indium, iron, aluminium
  • Tetravalent ions of actinides, titanium

Advantages of Lewatit® VP OC 1026 compared to solvent extraction:

  • No organic solvent required
  • No phase separation problems
  • Simple equipment similar to conventional bead type ion exchange resins

Product Group: Anionic
  • Extraction
  • Industrial water
  • Metal industry
  • Mining
  • Process water
  • Purification
  • Recovery
  • Recycling
  • Removal
  • Rinse water
  • Separation
  • Water Treatment

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