LEWATIT® MonoPlus TP 209 XL

Lewatit® MonoPlus TP 209 XL is a weakly acidic, macroporous cation exchange resin with chelating iminodiacetate (IDA) groups for the selective extraction of heavy metal cations from weakly acidic to weakly basic solutions.

With its big bead size as well as the high operational capacity this resin is tailor-made for the concentration, extraction and recovery of base metals in Resin-in-Pulp (RIP) processes.

Cations are removed from neutralized waters in the following order:

Fe3+> Cu2+ > VO2+ > UO22+ > Pb2+ > Ni2+ > Zn2+> Cd2+> Fe2+ > Mn2+> Ca2+ > Mg2+ >> Na

LEWATIT® MonoPlus TP 209 XL has a monodisperse bead size distribution, i.e. beads of uniform size.

Its high degree of cross-linkage results in an improved resistance towards mechanical stress such as abrasion
and attrition.

Compared with the standard grade IDA resin Lewatit® MonoPlusTP 207 offers the following

  • Lower dynamic pressure drop at the same flow rate
  • Diminished risk of accumulation of suspended solids
  • Easier screening and sieving during resin/feed separation
  • Metal industry
  • Mining
  • Recovery
  • Removal

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