Lewatit® MonoPlus TP 220 is a macroporous weakly basic resin with chelating bis-picolylamine groups for copper, nickel and cobalt processing solutions. lt has a monodisperse bead size distribution, i.e. beads of an uniform size, which results in high adsorption kinetics and a good utilization of the theoretical capacity.

Under acidic conditions (pH =2) heavy metal cations are removed from aqueous solutions consistent with the following selectivity series: Cu2'>>Ni2'>U022'>Fe3'>Zn2'>Co2'>Cd2'>Fe2'.

Lewatit® MonoPlus TP 220 is especially suitable for the use in the following applications:

  • Purification of cobalt electrolytes (cobalt/nickel separation)
  • Separation of nickel/copper from ferric solutions
  • Recovery of copper from strongly acidic solutions (pH < 2)
  • Purification of chromium(III) baths (removal of heavy metals such as copper and nickel)
  • Adsorption of heavy metals (e.g. copper) from solutions containing strong chelating agents like EDTA

While most metals are removed from the loaded resin with a conventional acid strip, copper can only efficiently be desorbed with ammonia solution.

Product Group: Cationic
  • Chemical Industry
  • Industrial water
  • Metal industry
  • Metal recovery
  • Mining
  • Purification
  • Recovery
  • Recycling
  • Removal
  • Rinse water
  • Separation
  • Waste water treatment
  • Water Treatment

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