Water treatment by synthetic iron oxide adsorbers


The Liquid Purification Technologies (LPT) business unit of specialty chemicals company LANXESS is one of the most important suppliers for liquid separation products worldwide. With Lewatit® ion exchange resins, Bayoxide® iron oxide adsorbers and Lewabrane® RO membrane elements, LANXESS holds a leading position in the development and production of three premium separation technologies for water purification, desalination and process stream treatment.

Bayoxide® E adsorbers are particularly developed for purification of potable, process and waste water, based on different markets, industries and requirements. For industrial quality applications Bayoxide® E IN 20 and Bayoxide® E IN 30 are applied. Potable water applications are served with NSF-certified Bayoxide® E 33 and Bayoxide® E 33 HC.

All Bayoxide® E adsorbers are based on nanoparticular α-Ferric oxide hydroxide offering a very high surface area, advanced stability and superior adsorption capacity. In general, these adsorbers are applied in a simple passive pump-and-treat system in which water is pumped through a vessel or a series of vessels where the contaminants are adsorbed quickly and selectively.

Most important applications include:

  • Arsenic removal from potable and wastewater safely below a limit of 5 µg/
  • Phosphate and silica removal from aquarium water and surface water (e.g. fish, garden and swimming ponds)
  • Antimony, selenium and selected heavy metal removal from aqueous streams
  • Purification of mining water, process water and process streams

A detailed water quality analysis including a wide range of operating parameters should serve as the basis for the selection of the most appropriate adsorber system. A pilot or laboratory testing can be undertaken to predict the full-scale performance of the proposed treatment system.