Lewatit® NM 60 SG is a premium grade, gel type, high capacity, high purity mixed ion exchange resin prepared with a 1:1 chemically equivalent ratio of cation to anion resin. Lewatit® NM 60 SG is a mixture of gel type cation exchange resin in the hydrogen (H) form, and a gel type anion exchange resin in the hydroxide (OH) form. The mixed resin is prepared from component resins which have been manufactured with the highest degree of purity and conversion to the H / OH form. Lewatit® NM 60 SG is supplied pre-mixed as spherical beads in a heterodispersed particle distribution in the fully swollen bead form.

Lewatit® NM 60 SG is specially prepared to provide a rapid rinse up to a resistivity of18+ megohm*cm, and to provide a rapid rinse in for Total Organic Carbon (TOC). Lewatit® NM 60 SG should provide +18 megohm*cm quality within 80 BV of rinse water, and < 3 ppb delta TOC within 50 BV of rinse water. Lewatit® NM 60 SG is designed to reliably provide UPW quality water for microelectronics, laboratory, one-through cartridges, and high purity service-exchange applications.

Lewatit® NM 60 SG is designed for non-regenerable application. The component resins can be separated, and regenerated and remixed, however, the treated water quality after user regeneration may not be of the same high purity as the virgin supplied resin.

Product Group: Mixed Bed
  • Chemical Industry
  • Desalination
  • Exchange
  • Industrial water
  • Raw water
  • UltraPure Water
  • Water Treatment

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