Lewatit® S 2328 is a food grade, macroporous, strongly acidic cation exchange resin based on a styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer. lt is bead-shaped and has a special bead size distribution for a use in the processes mentioned below:

  • Lewatit® WS system (fluidised bed)
  • Lewatit® VWS system (compound fluidised bed)
  • Standard co current regenerated system

Lewatit® S 2328 contains sulphonic acid groups and is therefore highly suitable for heterogeneous proton catalysis of organic reactions. Optimum crosslinking, its porous structure and the large inner surface area of the polymer give larger molecules good access to the active centre of the resin beads.

In the hydrogen form Lewatit® S 2328 is therefore particularly suitable for:

  • The inversion of sugar solutions, e.g. in the production of fructose and glucose
  • The decationisation as part of the inversion of sugar solutions
  • The decolorisation of sugar solutions containing hydrophilic high-molecular cationic organic substances, e.g. molasses and amino acid solutions

If using Lewatit® S 2328 to treat potable water and the aqueous solutions listed above, special care should be given to the initial cycles of the new resin. Please refer to the recommended start-up conditions available on request.

Product Group: Cationic
  • Catalysis
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food industry
  • Inversion of sucrose
  • Sugar industry

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