Lewatit® S 5221 is a food grade, macroporous, weakly basic anion exchange resin based on a crosslinked polyacrylate.

Lewatit® S 5221 combines a good physical stability and an excellent resistance to mechanical osmotic shocks with an exceptionally high total capacity.

Lewatit® S 5221 is suitable in the free base form for the removal of e.g. sulfate ions of organic products
such as lactic acid, citric acid etc.

If using Lewatit® S 5221 to treat potable water and the aqueous solutions listed above, special care should be given to the initial cycles of the new resin. Please refer to the recommended start-up conditions available on request.

Product Group: Lewatit
  • Dairy products
  • Demineralization
  • Desalination
  • Food industry
  • Food processing
  • Gelatines
  • Ion exclusion of fruit juice
  • Organics / TOC
  • Potable water treatment
  • Softening of whey
  • Sugar industry
  • Water Treatment

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