LewaPlus Tools

LewaPlus Tools

Portable LewaPlus Version

This version of the LewaPlus software contains the complete LewaPlus design program with both IX and RO modules in a “portable” format. The portable version can be carried around on portable devices (like USB sticks) and runs on any Windows computer directly from the device, without any installation.

The setup of the portable LewaPlus version doesn’t require Windows Administrative Rights during installation on the hard disk of a PC, or on portable devices, like a USB stick, or a removable hard disk. Also, please note that LewaPlus is not designed to work from a network drive.

The user may experience data loss when trying to run LewaPlus from a network drive.
Please note that acceptance of the License Agreement is necessary for the LewaPlus installation to proceed.

The installation guide will guide the user through a step by step installation of LewaPlus Portable.



Download LewaPlus Portable
Installation Guide LewaPlus Portable

PDF, 354.4 KB  


LewaPlus RO and IX system design examples

The below RO and IX system designs are additional examples demonstrating the new features of the LewaPlus software. They are available as LewaPlus Exchange Files (extension .lxf), which can be downloaded, saved on your computer, and subsequently imported into LewaPlus.

DescriptionModule   Download Link
Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis™ design examples CCRO CCRO-Examples.lxf

Brackish water application with hybrid element configuration


Seawater application with hybrid element configurationRORO-Example-Seawater-Hybrid-Configuration.lxf
Seawater application with partial elements replacementRO