LewaPlus® allows for planning of ion exchange (IX), reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration (UF) systems under a variety of system configurations, including some unique process configurations only available with Lewatit® and Lewabrane® product technology. The design software is unique in the water treatment industry, since it offers not only the possibility to treat one stream after the other (one dimensional) but design complex treatment systems (two dimensional) with different technologies.

Please note: The software is not available for mobile devices.

LewaPlus® Key Features

  • Not cloud-based which makes the software also available offline and guarantees data security
  • Portable software version with complete functionality available that doesn’t require any Windows administrative rights for installation
  • A single water analysis data entry screen, with RO scaling calculations, suitable for both IX and RO applications
  • Clear interface and reliable and quick results of the calculation
  • Design flexibility: Parameters can be widely modified and values outside the recommended borders are highlighted
  • Comprehensive output of IX and RO system design parameters and effluent (permeate) quality in an easy to manipulate printed output
  • Product scout and cross-reference tool to allow a proper selection of the right resin or membrane type
  • Direct access to technical documentation: Complete set of technical data sheets and material safety datasheets (only IX) for all Lewatit® and Lewabrane ® products as well as technical service bulletins e.g. on membrane fouling, membrane cleaning or system troubleshooting
  • Regular updates to ensure keeping the software up-to-date and further improving its functionality with new features
  • Data exchange to technical LANXESS experts for optimization and final check of your calculation
  • Design water treatment systems just by drag and drop the selected technologies in the requested position
  • Available in 11 languages

Ion exchange processes & functionalities

Various processes that cover most of the usual water treatment applications are included to calculate the design and performance of an IX plant. It helps to simulate the influence on performance and quality at different parameters like salinity and ionic composition of the water, temperature, organic load, throughput, and type of resin. Available IX processes are:

  • Demineralization
  • Mixed bed demineralization
  • Softening and dealkalization
  • Calculation of current operating Ion Exchange performance (Demi check)
  • Condensate polishing

Reverse osmosis processes & functionalities

The Reverse Osmosis  module calculates the design and performance of an RO plant for brackish and seawater applications. It helps to simulate the influence on performance and quality at different parameters like temperature, salinity and salt passage.

  • Immediate calculation of system performance, including feed pressure calculations and permeate quality on a single screen in the RO module
  • Advanced RO system configuration options with automatic calculation of a recommended array for optimization of system sizing
  • Support for hybrid pressure vessel configurations to achieve reduced feed pressure or to equalize permeate flux distribution along the membrane unit
  • Support for split-partial 2-pass designs and various concentrate recirculation options
  • RO normalization tool for data comparison under standard conditions
  • Power consumption module to calculate system power costs for a variety of ERD configurations
  • Post treatment module for pH adjustment, chemical addition (re-mineralization) and degasification of the final product water
  • Adjustable capital and operating cost module using historical industry data as default values. The model follows RO industry conventions for assignment of water costs in project bid situations

Ultrafiltration Processes & Functionalities

In addition to the plant design, the ultrafiltration (UF) module offers information about the backwash and maintenance cleaning, including the consumption of chemicals.

Available Ultrafiltration processes are:

  • RO pretreatment
  • Brackish water treatment