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Lewabrane® reference list PDF, 586 KB
Lewabrane® RO membrane elements PDF, 472 KB
Lewatit® Ion Exchange Resins for the Power Industry PDF, 6 MB
Phosphate removal with Bayoxide® PDF, 684 KB
Potable and groundwater purification PDF, 2 MB
Product Guide for Lewatit® and Bayoxide® PDF, 885 KB
Wastewater purification with Lewatit® IXR and Lewabrane® RO PDF, 2 MB
Water purification for Point of Use (POU) systems with Lewatit® PDF, 3 MB
Wine making process with Lewabrane® and Lewatit® PDF, 610 KB

Case Studies

Alexfert fertilizer production, Egypt PDF, 397 KB
Boiler feedwater production in a German power plant PDF, 351 KB
Efficient chlor-alkali membrane protection in South India PDF, 265 KB
Water treatment in a South African mining area PDF, 539 KB
Zero liquid discharge operation in a chemical plant in Nadga, India PDF, 392 KB
Zero liquid discharge operation in a dye mill in Tirupur, India PDF, 615 KB


Certificate_ISO_9001-14001_LXS_2018-2021 PDF, 3 MB
Halal Certificate Germany (Bitterfeld site) PDF, 1 MB
Halal Certificate Germany (Leverkusen site) PDF, 2 MB
Halal Certificate India (HQC) PDF, 4 MB
Halal Certificate India (Jamait Ulama) PDF, 720 KB