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Lewabrane® ASD types with novel feed spacer PDF, 388 KB
Lewabrane® High Performance (HP) flyer PDF, 277 KB
Lewabrane® SWRO membrane elements PDF, 221 KB
Lewabrane® Ultra Low Pressure (ULP) RO Membrane Elements PDF, 257 KB
LewaPlus® calculation and design software PDF, 290 KB
Lewatit® MDS TP 208 – Brine purification PDF, 393 KB
Lewatit® MDS TP 260 – Brine purification PDF, 391 KB
Lewatit® MonoPlus S 108 (H) – a High-performance Gel-type Cation Exchange Resins for Demineralization PDF, 957 KB
Lewatit® MonoPlus TP 209 XL – Metal recovery PDF, 395 KB
Lewatit® MonoPlus TP 214 – Mercury removal from industrial wastewater PDF, 571 KB
Lewatit® S 1567 – Water softening PDF, 464 KB
Lewatit® S 5221 – Food-quality Ion Exchange Resin for Anion Removal PDF, 228 KB
Lewatit® S 5528 – Food-quality Ion Exchange Resin for Decolorization PDF, 393 KB
Lewatit® TP 106 – Removal of perchlorate and other soft and toxic anions PDF, 417 KB
Lewatit® TP 107 – Selective removal of chromate and other polyatomic oxyanions PDF, 375 KB


REACH Statement PDF, 33 KB
Registration state monomers PDF, 104 KB
SVHC Declaration for BAYOXIDE® products, English PDF, 38 KB
SVHC Declaration for LEWATIT® and LEWABRANE® products PDF, 28 KB


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