Normalization software for analyzing reverse osmosis (RO)

PerforMem™ is a newly developed software for testing membrane performance of existing reverse osmosis plants. The software offers the opportunity to import system data from templates in standard process control systems and quickly normalizes even large volumes of data. This is a major advantage over the alternatives available on the market, which are mostly based on Microsoft Excel.

In addition to system data, laboratory measurements can also be entered and displayed alongside each other. PerforMem™  also provides a detailed graphical representation of all data and normalized values. Normalized values can then be exported into various formats for further processing or analysis if necessary.

By using the software, reasons for membrane processes, suffering from fallen retention or reduced performance, can be localized more easily. Thus countermeasures can be quickly implemented so that the plant can continue to run for as long as possible under optimum conditions. 

In order to use PerforMem™, you must download the software by clicking on the download button on the right side of the screen. In the second step, you have to apply for a free license via the contact form. An existing LewaPlus® license can also be used for PerforMem™.

You can request the license here. The licence is valid for PerforMem™ and LewaPlus®.