Lewatit® IN 50 is a inert, solid, plastic material supplied in spherical form for application in upflow regenerated ion exchange systems. It is used as a covering and protection layer for the upper collection/distribution nozzles. Lewatit® IN 50 is specially designed for applications with Lewatit® Reverse WSSystems and other packed bed systems.

Lewatit® IN 50 has a specific gravity that is lighter than water, and therefore it will float on the surface of an ion exchange resin bed. It is also prepared in a particle size distribution designed to optimize flow performance in a reverse fluidized bed operation.

During the downflow service cycle the Lewatit® IN 50 acts as an inert spacer material that provides a uniformly distributed particle zone for fluid passage through the resin bed to the collection system. During the upflow compaction and regeneration cycle the Lewatit® IN 50 resin allows dirt and resin fragments to pass through the inert zone to waste while retaining the resin bed and protecting the collector system.

  • Chemical Industry
  • Condensat polishing
  • Demineralization
  • Desalination
  • Energy
  • Industrial water
  • Power generation
  • Water Treatment

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