LEWATIT® K 2431 is a strongly acidic, macroporous, polymer-based resin in spherical bead form, with sulfonic acid groups. It is ideally suited as a heterogeneous catalyst for organic reactions.

In contrast to gel-type resins, the macroporous structure of this catalyst allows larger molecules better access to the active sites.

This catalyst generally gives better results when used in media of higher polarity.

Lewatit® K 2431 is especially designed for the following applications:

  • phenol alkylation with olefins
  • esterification, etherification, condensation and alkylation of larger polar and non-polar molecules
  • purification of phenol
Product Group: Cationic
  • Catalysis
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food industry
  • Removal of organic constituents
  • Sugar industry

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