Lewatit® K 6362 is a strongly basic (type I), gel-type resin based on a styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer with a very narrow bead size distribution (monodisperse grade). Compared to conventional heterodisperse resins it offers better kinetics along with improved mechanical and osmotic stabilities.


In its delivered chloride form, Lewatit® K 6362 can be used in the following applications:

  • Recovery of precious metal cyano and chloro complexes from waste water or process streams
  • Removal of anionic heavy metal complexes from hydrochloric acid
  • Recovery of uranium from both carbonate and sulfuric acid leach solutions

In its OH form Lewatit® K 6362 is particularly suitable for:

  • The removal of mercaptane sulfur from hydrocarbon streams
  • Catalysis of organic reactions of small polar molecules in the temperature range from 30 to 60 °C
Product Group: Anionic
  • Catalysis
  • Chemical Industry
  • Extraction
  • Industrial water
  • Metal industry
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical industry / Biotechnology
  • Process water
  • Removal
  • Water Treatment

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