Water treatment by synthetic iron oxide adsorbers


Bayoxide® E adsorbers are particularly developed for purification of potable, process and waste water, based on different markets, industries and requirements. For industrial quality applications Bayoxide® E IN 20 and Bayoxide® E IN 30 are applied. Potable water applications are served with NSF-certified Bayoxide® E 33 and Bayoxide® E 33 HC.

All Bayoxide® E adsorbers are based on nanoparticular α-Ferric oxide hydroxide offering a very high surface area, advanced stability and superior adsorption capacity. In general, these adsorbers are applied in a simple passive pump-and-treat system in which water is pumped through a vessel or a series of vessels where the contaminants are adsorbed quickly and selectively.

Most important applications include:

  • Arsenic removal from potable and wastewater safely below a limit of 5 µg/l
  • Phosphate and silica removal from aquarium water and surface water (e.g. fish, garden and swimming ponds)
  • Antimony, selenium and selected heavy metal removal from aqueous streams
  • Purification of mining water, process water and process streams

A detailed water quality analysis including a wide range of operating parameters should serve as the basis for the selection of the most appropriate adsorber system. A pilot or laboratory testing can be undertaken to predict the full-scale performance of the proposed treatment system.

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