Water treatment by ultrafiltration


Ultrafiltration (UF) has been proven as a reliable option to ensure constant water quality. It removes particles and microorganism from water effectively and cost-efficiently. The ultrafiltration reduces the adsorption on particles during reverse osmosis (RO) and ion exchange (IX) processes and extends the operational lifetime of the system. LANXESS cooperates for this technology with the French ultrafiltration (UF) membrane producer Polymem. Typical UF applications are pretreatment for RO and IX in the production of industrial water, the treatment of wastewater or the municipal water supply. The high packing density of the Gigamem® module makes it also very suitable if compact solutions are requested like the treatment of sea-water prior to desalination.

The innovative Gigamem® UF modules reduce the operational costs and the footprint of the plant, which can be a limiting factor using UF. Additionally, the permanent hydrophilic Neophil™ membrane material lowers the fouling tendency and ensures a stable filtration process. The membranes are arranged as exchangeable cartridges, which further decreases the maintenance and replacement costs.

The complete service line is offered starting from initial lab tests to pilot tests, system design, and system optimization. LANXESS offers several Gigamem® types to serve different needs and applications.

  • Gigamem® UF80G S2
  • Gigamem® UF80G S2F
  • Gigamem® UF240 S2
  • Gigamem® UF240 S2F